Popcorn Pulse 44: Todayland

If there’s one thing we’re good at, it’s making almost seemingly baseless assertions regarding people within the entertainment industry. In this case we tackle Tomorrowland[2015], today, which just came out the other day. In it, George Clooney is a master inventory who needs a spunky sidekick to help him ride an ancient rocket into another dimension so she can fix a scientific magic eight ball.

Because it deals, somewhat, with the theme of exceptionalism it feels right within the wheelhouse of Brad Bird, director of the incredible. We maintain that someone decided to take an un-optioned Bioshock adaptation and staple Disney over the parts of Rapture. Also, Hugh Laurie shows up as Dr Evil House.

Weltall then dredges up an ancient relic of its time, The Pest(1997). Would you like to get into a time machine and go back to when you could make casual racist/homophobic jokes the backbone of your edgy comedy? Then Leguizamo’s “comedy” vehicle is exactly what you’ve been waiting for. Also, the principal from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is also there.

Tim then talks about a movie where a guy gets a transplant from a serial killer and begins worrying its making him violent. No, not The Hand(1981). Not Hands of a Stanger(1962) nor even The Hands of Orlac(1924). It’s another retelling called Bodyparts(1991) and it features a cast of sort-of-wases. The dumbest part is not the plotting or dialogue but the fact that the serial killer is alive, has a new body but wants his old arms and legs again.

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