Popcorn Pulse 45: Brosnan Blow

It’s the beginning of Winter here in the northern hemisphere. Naturally the snow on the ground and approaching jam packed holidays, pick your favorite, made us think of lawn care. Specifically an ode to the care and feeding of the greenery from the nineties, The Lawnmower Man(1992).

Would you believe that it stars a pre Bond Pierce Brosnan? It also shares a title with a Stephen King short story but was so different from his work that he sued to get his name removed from the film. We’re not experts but we’re pretty sure that’s how you get yourself written into a story where you’re wife is a demon who sucks your soul out via toothy blowjobs while secretly screwing all your friends.

Weltall then discusses Absolute Power(1997). It stars Clint Eastwood who has a hell of a time being directed by himself. Perhaps he had an empty directors chair which he lectured on set whenever he felt things weren’t going properly. He plays a thief who spots Gene Hackman, as the U.S. president, kill a woman. Then he has to find a way to turn in the evidence while keeping the jewels and getting to his son’s baseball game because he promised.

Tim then talks about Eve of Destruction(1991). It’s a movie that really wants you to remember Terminator and keeps making nods to it. Remember that scene where Arnold examines his damaged eye in the hotel room? Now what if it were a topless actress and it was her side? Yeah, that’s better, I guess. If you only understood that scene visually and hadn’t understood the point. Still, Gregory Hines got paid and that’s aces in our books.

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