Popcorn Pulse 47: Sorceressuckit

We don’t often get recommendations that we can jointly review. Tim is more than willing to sit down to any abomination put to celluloid, preference given to anything that predates the turn of the millennium. Weltall is tolerant as long as it isn’t mind meltingly stupid and filmed on some liberal arts major’s iphone. So it was with no small amount of trepidation that we approached a recommendation from our most prolific source of emails

Sorceress(1982) is a budget sword and sandal flick. Not that there was any other kind of fantasy film before Peter Jackson demonstrated it was worth investing a few bucks into a fantasy and treat it with a certain amount of gravity. It was made in Mexico, presumably to skirt the guild fees and to stretch their budget dollar further. It features twins who posed in Playboy, back when people cared, a knockoff Gimli before Gimli was filmed and creepy goat man who bleats and runs off to presumably masturbate in the woods.

Weltall then talks about Snake Eyes(1998). It stars the ever hungry consumer of scenery, Nicholas Cage. He plays a detective who goes to a boxing match and is present when an assassination occurs. While he has a few moments he chews with his infamous enthusiasm, he actually puts in the work for once.

Tim then talks about Zodiac[2007]. It’s about the Zodiac killer who actually existed and covers virtually no new ground. Being as it is a period film that runs for over two hours and is based on a true story, critics filled their pants when it first came out. Tim says you’re probably better off just reading the wiki article and calling it a day.

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