Manga Pulse 343: Trigger Café

What are the forums worth? Months and months of head to desk percussive maintenance. Several concussions later, we have somehow managed to get the forums up and working-ish. At the very least we can now send mass emails to groups again. In theory, we should be able to alert subscribers to live shows. That’s once we get all the subscribers added. For those of you playing at home, if you’re a subscriber, you should probably email the main show to get added again when Weltall can get to it. It’ll be faster than him doing it by combing through the payments.

With that out of the way, Tim reviews World Trigger. It’s a thinly veiled science fiction metaphor about immigration. There are monsters who come through portals and kids who are given magic powers to stop them. Also there is an arbitrary rating system. It earns a Burn It because it’s way too obnoxious.

Weltall then tackles Hyouryuu Net Café It’s about a giant wuss who can’t get over a girl whose hand he once touched in the dark. He runs into her at a net café which then gets teleported to another universe. It’s paced well but not quite interesting enough to elevate it to the top, getting just a Crackers.

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