Episode 473: Valentines Day and Really Bad Anime

Rejoice and give thanks, your regularly scheduled anime review podcast has returned. This week, Red has an anime so bad that the power that be tried their best to stop him from speaking its name. Ryo on the other hand has something a little better, even if the main protagonist in the series is nameless. But before all of that we have IRL news, were Ryo visited her mother and Red bought some flowers for his mommy. Industry News, where Ryo talks about an owner who tried to steal from his own restaurant and Red covers a poll on ideal anime marriage partners. Then the reviews can happen, but not before!

Show Notes


Intro – Zion o Mezase! by Tomoyuki Asakawa from The Candidate for Goddess
Outro – Lilium by Noma Kumiko from Elfen Lied


The Candidate for Goddess – Burn It

Interlude – Crackers


Stealing From Yourself

Anime Marriage Partners


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