Popcorn Pulse 48: Filthy Getaway

Contrary to popular belief, we don’t listen and have strong feelings about all current or recent musical acts in existence. As such, the only time we’d ever heard Selena Gomez was in tandem to Justin Bieber. Then we decided to watch Getaway[2013].

Someone involved in this movie decided that Selena, who has no name, screech like a macaw with its leg caught in a car door at Ethan Hawke for twenty minutes. This is in spite of the fact she learns right away that he’s just a pawn. But at least all the car crashes are practical effects and we get to see Jon Voight disgustingly eat olives.

Tim then talks about Any Which Way You Can(1980). It has the focus of the Hubble telescope circa nineteen ninety. For perspective, there is a scene in which Eastwood, who even in the eighties looked like sun beaten parchment stretched over a skull, has sex with his love interest in a cheap motel. For some reason, the very sounds of them banging causes everyone nearby to be come amorous. This include a heavyset couple next door and the elderly mother figure who demands a boty call from an old man who she meets by punching him in the gut. Truly, a classic of American cinema.

Weltall then talks about Filth[2013]. It features Professor Xavier as an off kilter cop who’s gunning for a promotion by trying to solve a case. He’s more than a little crazy as he constantly visualizes everyone, including himself, as animals. Weltall declares it to be a trip that’s interesting and not spoiled by the fact he told us the main character hangs himself.

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