Popcorn Pulse 49: Ultra Cop

There was a period in the eighties and nineties where if you wanted to make a movie featuring martial arts, you did so by invoking something from the “far east”. Hence Samurai Cop(1991). It features some regular B movie actors, a bunch of unknowns and hilarious dialogue. And as there was a sequel done last year, we’ll be doing that in our next Popcorn Pulse.

Weltall then discusses American Ultra[2015]. We briefly discuss the Twitter rant of Max Landis who, at the time, seems to have mistaken the fact that a movie has actors, trailers, decent review and isn’t a pile of garbage as the only metrics for success. He also seemed to think it was highly original in spite of the fact that things like the Manchurian Candidate and Bourne Identity existed prior. Weltall does opine that at least Kristen Stewart has a nice rear.

Tim then talks about The Frankenstein Theory[2013]. It’s a found footage film where Mary Shelley is a fucking hack who stole her idea from someone who actually resurrected a person. For some reason, the creation of Frankenstein is still tromping about the Arctic over a century later. Like in all found footage movies, most everyone dies and often off screen. Plus we only see the monster for about two minutes of screen time.

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