Manga Pulse 345: Gun Massage

This episode should really be titled, digression and you. In the best tradition of our show, we begin the first review and wander all over the map in an attempt to not talk about the comics at hand. Which is still rather surprising, considering we don’t generally hate manga. We must simply have the attention span of a goldfish pounding lines all night.

Tim does eventually get to talking about Romance from the Thumb. It’s about a massage girl and not about one who offers happy endings and prostate checks. She’s in high school and falls for the local ladies man at her school. Things happen, relatives are betrayed and they start going out. By some weird chance it manages to earn a Crackers

Weltall then talks about Gunjou. The main character manipulates a lesbian who’s in love with her to kill her husband before going on the run. That old chestnut which has been done to death. It’s chock full of awkward situations and emotional wrenching. The heavy focus on character development lead it all the way up to a Read it Now.

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