Manga Pulse 349: Foreign Words

This week we managed a whole show where we didn’t talk about politics once. Yes, not even in passing. Instead we talked about movies quite a bit as we are wont to do even when the theme is manga. Because that’s just kind of what we do around here.

Tim talks about Akumu Koushounin, also known as Nightmare Negotiator. The last title makes it sound like a service advertised by Shatner. For the first few chapters there is a character who takes people’s nightmares for money. Then the authors gave up and turned it into an anthology of horror stories. It’s easily digestible but offers little, earning it a Borders.

Weltall then talks about Gleipner. It’s about a boy who can transform into what appears to be a knock off of the mascot’s from Five Nights at Freddy’s. He has no idea why this happens but it gives him a gun and makes him stronger. Then he saves a girl who wants to find out what these mascot monster people are all about. It’s either incredibly well paced or so slapdash we couldn’t tell the difference. Either way, Weltall declares it to be a Read It Now.

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