Episode 482: Your Favorite Kind Of Thing

It’s a new episode of Anime Pulse, this week brought to you by your now dead hosts who have been slain by the previous hosts for making fun of their favorite things. But fear not, Red and Ryo both made a save state before taking a bankai sword to the gut and a few hypodermic needles to the brain. Before all that happened though, there was this show where Red and Ryo talked about bad girlfriends in anime, apologetic Ghibli producers, and plenty of off topic discussions in-between. Then they cap off the show with two reviews, one of the slice of life Aiura and the other the almost hentai Shinmai Mao no Testament.

Show Notes


Intro – “Blade of Hope” by sweet ARMS from Shinmai Maō no Testament
Outro – “Ichigo Ichie” by Aiu Rabu from Aiura


Aiura– Crackers

Shinmai Maō no Testament – Crackers


Horrible Anime Girlfriends

Favorite Female Hunter x Hunter Girls

Game of Pokemon

Ghibli Producer Apologizes

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2 Replies to “Episode 482: Your Favorite Kind Of Thing”

  1. OHHH, so the internet came up with the term “feather fag” so it’s all OK. Ah.

    Also, you’re OK with fag, so you can podcast the word to your audience, because you’ve asked us if we’re OK with that. Solid logic.

    1. On the totally opposite end of this, you called a black character (a butler; I looked it up, I know nada about the show/manga) from Hunter X Hunter “African- American. ” That would be the proper term to use- if the World of Hunter X Hunter included Africa or America. Fiction, y’all!

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