Episode 483: Summer Previews #1 (with problems)

Ho boy, what a show we have in store for you folks. As you might be able to tell from the title, this show was more or less the most technical-problem plagued one since Red took over the editing. Taking a day off from work he put his blood and sweat into fixing the show up as much as he could, and now here it is in all it’s dilapidated glory. Any who, it’s previews time and your hosts are here to deliver you some promising candidates for the summer season. Even if we’re only a month away from fall…

Show Notes


Intro – “The LiBERTY” by Fo’xTails from Handa-Kun

Outro – “Rain or Shine” by ELISA from 91 Days



91 Days

Taboo Tattoo


Blood for the Anime God

Pokemon Dead


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One Reply to “Episode 483: Summer Previews #1 (with problems)”

  1. Remember a while back when they had those “It gets better” PSAs? I think we need something like that for the AP listeners. We need a celebrity for a PSA though. Since this is Anime Pulse, I think instead of Lady Gaga, we’d have Yuno Gasai on screen, assuring us that “One day, your two hosts will have happy IRL news for you”

    The only reason I miss being a Christian is because I could at least throw a prayer out, and hope it works.

    You should watch Barakamon, Red. If you enjoyed the comedy of Handa-kun, I think the original show is even better.

    You’re right- the look of the site is pretty plain. It’s hard putting together a website, though? They nickle and dime you on customizing your website, and if you want to use a simple editor like WordPress on your site, you also have to pay a bit to link your site to that.
    It sounds like all the Pulses need to come together and have a pow wow. It doesn’t sound like to meet that often with Tim and Weltall (or just Weltall; don’t think Tim really crosses the i’s and dots the t’s)

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