Popcorn Pulse 55: Bill Murray

It’s been a little bit since we did a theme episode. Or it might not have been so long and we have short memories. That’s what happens when your brain is fueled by rage and stupid like ours. We settled on a show focused on Bill Murray.

First up is Meatballs(1979). There are some movies from that era that still hold up and contain the same magic as they did when they were first shown. This is not one of them. It’s a set of confusing vignettes filling time between an early Bill Murray making jokes. It has virtually no plot though it does have a song that says “meatballs” over and over.

Weltall then talks about The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou[2004]. Bill Murray plays a Jeac Cousteau analogue who becomes disgraced when, while hunting a mytical shark, his partner dies. He rallies his family and friends together in one last attempt to prove it’s existence. Also, it’s a Wes Anderson film if that’s your thing.

Tim then discusses Mad Dog and Glory(1993). Bill Murray plays a mobster who befriends the main character, played by De Niro and send Uma Thurman to live with him for a week. De Niro and Murray play against type which is part of the overarching joke. David Caruso shows up as well and not once does he put on sunglasses and quip.

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