Episode 494: Panty Shots

Baby it’s cold outside, so come in an warm up to another episode of Anime Pulse; it’s sure to warm the cockles of your heart. We start things out with a reminder that AP Christmas Giveaway is still ongoing, and then jump right into it with IRL news. Red’s been a busy bee and has plenty to share, meanwhile on Ryo’s side of things it’s been rather slow going. Industry news hits us with baby names, anime that makes you cry, and expensive Pokemon card updates. And bringing up the rear is a joint review of Punchline, an anime filled with plots, animation, and panty shots.

Show Notes


Intro – “Punch Line!” by Shokotan ♥ Denpagumi from

Outro – “Shelter” by Porter Robinson & Madeon from Shelter


Punchline – Crackers (Red & Ryo)


Expensive Pokemon Card

Japanese Baby Names

Top Tearjerker Anime

How to get a Christmas Date in Japan

Red’s Patreon

AP Christmas Giveaway

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One Reply to “Episode 494: Panty Shots”

  1. So now that Red has made the leap into Patreon (before Tim and Weltall even thought of doing that for the site) does that mean Red is going to create a social media presence for his work? I mean, how else would he promote games he makes, or stories he writes?

    Yeah, Punch Line is some bad pin for panty line; I think the OP song is about that pun. I put Punch Line on hold, but i’d like to finish it up.

    Occultic;Nine isn’t hard to understand because of cultural differences. It’s just an unfortunate entry in the Science Adventure series. Steins;Gate is also an SA adaptation, but it’s much better. Occultic Nine is fast talking nonsense with an unnecessarily large bust.

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