Episode 505: Spring 2017 Previews Part 2

It’s week 2 of previews, and the final week to catch Red and Ryo introducing you to the newest anime from the spring 2017 season. First up though is IRL news, Red has lost his passion for Gwent and Ryo has a fancy new hair color thanks to her sister. Then is industry news, where Red brings back the hated “food news” and Ryo warns us about fake monks. Finally are the previews with four more shows to be introduced, as Red and Ryo are both pretty happy about what this season has had to offer. Oh, and there is a fair bit of a Persona 5 discussion too.

Show Notes


Intro – “Reset” by Yui Makino from Sagrada Reset

Outro – “Pink Diary” by Moso Calibration from Saekano S2


Sagrada Reset

Ani ni Tsukeru Kusuri wa Nai!

Sakura Quest

Saekano S2


Doritos Flavors in Okinawa

Fake Monks

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2 Replies to “Episode 505: Spring 2017 Previews Part 2”

  1. The Law of Equivalent Exchange states: for every time I feel happy for good news in Red’s life, I then have to be shocked by what he’s said or done. 🙁

    OK, so it’s fair to say that if a cop says “come with me” you might need more of an explanation, especially if you’ve done nothing wrong. Why would you run from a cop, though? You didn’t say you ran, but you did go in the opposite direction of a cop who was asking you to go with him. That’s…not good.

    5 years ago, you weren’t a kid. I think you’ve said your age on here before, and I believe you were over 18 5 years ago. I also assume that most of us have seen “Cops” and know some basics of conversing with law enforcement. Isn’t this another example of your anti-authoritarianism, Red? That kind of attitude is welcome- if you’re trying to topple a corrupt, evil regime. A white dude who has an alright life in New York? Nah, that attitude’s not going to work for you. It definitely wouldn’t work for you if you were black.

    Red, I’d also like to address your concerns about turn-based gameplay. There is a turn based (sort of) option in FF XV. They call it Pause Mode. It’s more like Dragon Age Origins than classic FF. You can pause the fight and plot your actions.

    I guess FF is not for you anymore, because FF has been action based for…a decade? FF XII was the first one, and they haven’t really looked back. If you think XIII was too action-based, then I don’t know how you would’ve played XI, XII or XIV; XI and XIV are the MMOs. XIII was kind of a hybrid of action and turn based.

    I don’t know how you’re a decade younger than me and you love these old ways more than I do! I will play any style, as long as you give me a good game on top of it. I heard around the internets that FF XIII was not a good series. I didn’t play it beyond a demo, so you tell me

    1. The cops here in my local town are what you call “corrupt”, they take bribes, do drugs, steal shit, and basically act like assholes because they think they are the law. So when I say I ran, I did so after the cop tried to enter my home. I freaked out, and my fight or flight instinct kicked in. (And I wasn’t about to get into fisticuffs with some gun toting prick.)

      In the end I was in the right, the case could have been dropped by the town court. However I didn’t want to take the chance that the city might pick it up to make a quick buck off me, so I went with the lawyers advice and plead guilty.

      Yeah I got fucked over no matter how you put it, but I don’t really care since the minor misdemeanor on my record hasn’t prevented me from obtaining work within the state.

      And now I know better if a cop ever comes to my door again.

      I’m 27 btw, 28 this year.

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