Episode 512: 91 Senki

It’s round 3 this week on Anime Pulse and that means a new co-host, this time it’s Catam the pizza maker. After introducing himself and allowing Joseph to reminisce on the old days of Toonami, we hear a little more about how Joseph has been with his new job. Then it’s onto industry news with topics like an old sword returned to its rightful owners, as well as the horrifying news that a live-action Cowboy Bebop might be on its way to being made in the USA. Lastly are reviews with Catam taking us to a city called Lawless during the prohibition period, and Joseph introduces us to Arslan and his epic tale.

Show Notes


Intro – “Boku no Kotoba Dewanai Kore wa Boku-tachi no Kotoba” by UVERworld from Arslan Senki

Outro“Rain or Shine” by ELISA from 91 Days


91 Days– Crackers

Arslan Senki– Crackers


I Choose You for Marriage

National Treasure Returned to Japan

American Made Live-action Cowboy Bebop

Kyoto Starbucks Blending In

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4 Replies to “Episode 512: 91 Senki”

  1. I don’t know how many more people you’ll give tryouts to, but I think it’s been enough time for me to say a little something. Since We’re being positive- and since I’ve never had the bravery to ever host a podcast- I’ll only list strengths.

    Adrian – Has an accent, so the ladies (and a guy or two) will be into that. He’s also smart. Not that I’m saying the others are dumb.

    Roxas – Seems to already have a raporrt with Red- or at least has the ability to trick him into playing some Overwatch.

    Catam- That voice, tho! Also, he has a badass name. Sounds like it’s straight out of this episode’s anime, Arslan.

  2. So I’ve been listening to these past three tryouts and I feel it’s time to give some feedback. I’ll mostly focus on Catam since this is his episode and unlike YotaruVegeta I’ll go into both positives and negatives. I just find that more constructive.

    Positives: Very friendly and talkative, not shy to say his part.
    Negatives: Very thick accent, which makes it hard to understand him sometimes. Also gets kind of droning when he goes on for too long.

    Positives: Good chemistry with Red. Feels comfortable in front of the mic
    Negatives: Comes off as a bit unmotivated, like he’d rather not speak at length about things.

    Positives: Great voice and demeanor
    Negatives: Feels a bit insecure and stilted.

    Personally I’d pick Catam out of the three. I think some more shows behind the mic would make him more confident and fluid in his delivery.

    Finally some specific feedback on his review:
    I think the main issue was that you made it a recap of the plot rather than a summary of the show as a whole. You also mentioned a few rather spoileriffic plot turns, which should be a no-no in a review IMO. To me, a good review should cover most of, if not all of, the below:
    -Which studio made it?
    -When was it made?
    -How many episodes?
    -What are the genres?
    -What’s the premise and setup of the show?
    -What kind of themes does it touch on?
    -How’s the overall flow/pacing of the story?
    -What’s the animation/soundtrack/voice acting like?

    Focus on giving the listener a good and detailed sample taste of the show rather than an in-depth plot summary.
    Anyway, those are my thoughts. Hope it helps.


    1. Yeah I typically focus on the plot of an anime, less so the animation, voice acting, and other stuff. It’s just my way of reviewing things.

      1. Well, I was referring to Catam’s review specifically, which was very much a plot summary, spoilers and all, and nothing else. You do focus on the plot more than the other aspects, but not to the same extent.

        Anyway, thanks for doing a good show. I work as a nighttime paper delivery guy and this stuff is great to listen to when I’m out and about. Keeps my brain from turning to mush. I actually considered applying for the position as co-host since I’ve watched a ton of anime and generally don’t have a problem talking over mic, ‘cept I don’t actually have a good mic and if I became a co-host I’d have one less thing to listen to while I work. So, I’ll think I’ll stay on this end of the show for the foreseeable future.


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