Episode 515: Summer Previews #1

A new episode a new cohost, and this time it’s for good. Andrew Chan returns to take up the mantel of cohost, picked by listeners and commentators alike and just in time for round 1 of summer previews. IRL news is up first as usual with Joseph already complaining about work, and Andrew talking about his recent move. Industry news is next with topics like Asuna’s boobies, Anime in VR, and Ranma stamps that make you feel old. And of course the previews round out the show, a total of four altogether with some keepers and some not so much.

Show Notes


Intro – “Ai Mai Moko” by Inori Minase from Tsuredure Children

Outro – “Maybe the next waltz” by Mikako Komatsu from Ballroom e Yōkoso


Hajimete no Gal

Clione no Akari

Tsuredure Children

Ballroom e Yōkoso


Uncensored SOA

Once Piece VR

Ranma 1/2 Stamps

Crunchyroll + NBC = Anime?

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10 Replies to “Episode 515: Summer Previews #1”

  1. OMG! So many things wrong with Red this week.
    First, blood type diet is, as the Brits say, bollocks.
    Blood type profiling itself is akin to astrology and rooted in pure racism.
    Whole blood donations can be done every 8 weeks. Aphresis can be more frequent.
    Spider-Man Homecoming, so many incorrect information. Also, this is now updated to the modern age. Is it normal to have an all white school in New York City these days? Please go watch the movie before you start nitpicking things based on incorrect information and anachronistic expectations.

    1. “Much” not “many” if we’re on the correction train.

      Japan LOVES blood types! We had them at least as far back as Street Fighter- probably 5 years before that. I bet people still use blood type in Japan as part of matchmaking.

      1. Oh yeah! I definitely know that Japan cares about the blood type thing but I wasn’t aware folks from the states did as well. I find it all rather facinating, as people here don’t generally know unless they given blood or been tested for it.

    2. Well the Brits are just one people, they don’t count for everything. Especially after Brexit.

      And the information about Spiderman Homecoming is not factual, it is opinion based. Opinions being what they are, can be whatever they want to be. As such, I tend to side with the opinions of people who have a comic book collection that is older than me.
      It’s not an archaic expectation when it’s a work of fiction, stop trying to SJW here, we can still have all white schools.

      1. Wow, the ol’ SJW word comes out. Way to throw a label on me! I’m not a “social justice warrior” or whatever tag you’d like to slap on me.

        I have an old comic book collection as well, but that means nothing, especially in the face of comic book continuity, which remixes characters a million different ways. Of course there’s all-white schools. I went to a basically all-black elementary school, which was private and was in a black neighborhood. However, we’re talking a school in my neck of the woods, in 2017, and it’s an elite, big-brain school in Spider-man Homecoming. It’s not a private school

        I don’t need to “SJW” for anyone. I’ll let facts speak for me. Just fire up demographics for Queens, and public school kids are going to school with the entire rainbow. Queens, NY is one of the most diverse areas in America.


            [I made it fucking awk-ward!]

            Yeah, um, uh. Well! I was wondering why I was being called SJW out of nowhere. Well, I hope you checked out the movie on your own, and didn’t let whoever sway you. Just go if you think it looks cool to you, and if you end up hating it (I think that ate the least you’ll have issues with it), it’ll still make for good podcast fodder.

  2. Jumping on the correction train: VR on PC with the HTC Vive is absolutely not as you describe it, at least if you are a gaming enthusiast. If you already have a good gaming PC, purchasing it is well worth it. This headset is truly a huge advancement for gaming because of room-scale VR.

    If you are a fan of shooters, here you can aim separately with two guns and dodge bullets with your body (Superhot VR, Serious Sam VR, Arizona Sunshine,…). Point and click games become a whole new experience, you pick up objects with your hands and make them interact with others like you would in the real world (Call of the Starseed, Job Simulator,…).

    There are tens of good meaty games that last for more than a few hours.

  3. I watched Spider-man Homecoming, and the “true fans” can type their silly grievances on reddit until their fingers bleed. It’s a good movie to me!

    Let me let every “true fan” in on something: EVERY comic book movie you have EVER seen is different from the comic books. They all change certain details. It’s only when they change a detail uber fanboys want to stay the same that the “fans” get all huffy.

    On the subject of race, and colorblind casting: Spider-man, in particular, needs diversity. I’m sorry that so many characters have gone from white to non-white, but Peter Parker is a Queens, NY character. I live in the borough of Queens: it’s SUPER diverse. On a trip to the supermarket, you will pass by the homes of people representing several racial and national backgrounds. So while it wouldn’t have hurt for Peter’s fellow students to include 1 more white kid or two, it’s not a false representation of what New York looks like now. These characters were created in the 60s. The neighborhood looks different now.

    Spider-man Homecoming doesn’t look like any single continuity because it borrows from several continuities. Ultimate Spider-man, Amazing Spider-man, and some unique touches that are straight from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    If anything’s “bad” or “wrong” with the new Spider-man movie, it’s that Peter Parker should not need Tony Stark’s help to make a suit.

  4. Oh, also, Michelle Rodriguez didn’t work on Transformers. I think Joseph was thinking of Megan Fox. Michelle Rodriguez is part of another super popular blockbuster series, The Fast & the Furious.

    I think if Michael Bay tried to get Michelle Rodriguez to audition in a bikini, she’d make him eat his own teeth.

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