Episode 516: Summer Previews #2

Continuing their look into the anime of the summer, Joseph and Andrew are back with another set of four shows. First up though is IRL news about drinking and badminton, followed by industry news about nudity in Jump and rumors of a One Piece live action series in America. Previews round things up with Joseph’s look at dumb girls and kissing cats, and Andrew’s insightful perspective on gambling and spies.

Show Notes


Intro – “The Other Side of the Wall” by Void_Chords and MARU from Princess Principle

Outro – “LAYon-theLINE” by D-Selections from Kakegurui



Nora to Oujou to Noraneko Heart

Princess Principle

Aho Girl


Little Busters! Spinoff Reaches Campaign Goal

Shonen Jump Adult Content Controversy

One Piece Live Action Series

Bike Thief Returns with Interest

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6 Replies to “Episode 516: Summer Previews #2”

  1. Just wondering Andrew, which part of the country do you come from? I am going to guess Edinburgh as your cadence isn’t typical “Weegie” or West Coast. 😉

    Totally agree with the people conflating Scotland with England. That is annoying lol

    1. Pretty close! Just across the Firth of Forth, up in Fife (approx 30mins). Yeah my accent isn’t very distinct because of my mixed upbringing and my Aunt made sure I didn’t pick up local slang.

      Haha yeah, happens all the time though we don’t get it nearly as badly as Whales.

      1. “Didn’t pick up the local slang”? Where’s the fun in that? 😉 Most of my day is spent screaming “eejit”, “aye pal” and “awa’ an’ bile yer heid”. XD

        More of a Weegie myself. I was born in Glasgow and have been relatively close to the city since.

        Maybe we don’t get it as bad as Wales but it is annoying. XD

        1. Heheh well the Glaswegian accent is pretty iconic. A rough Fifey accent, not so much.

          I’ve come to love Glasgow quite a lot, lived there for the last 6 years till I recently moved out and keep finding excuses to go back.

          If it annoys enough people there’s always the IndyRef2. 😉

  2. Princess Principal is probably going to be my must-watch show, meaning that its the first show I think of when I want to watch something.

    Andrew, I figured out what you need to “improve” your impressions/reviews. I think that the recap has to be shortened a bit. I don’t think that every event of the episode needs to be retold. Your reaction to it is the good stuff, so I think that’s what previews/reviews should be like.

    The odd remixing of Spider-man and the secondary characters seems like a case of having your cake and eating it, too. So, SPOILERS (who cares kind of spoilers) MJ is not Mary Jane in this film. There is an MJ, but now she’s Michelle Jones, and she’s not like the traditional MJ at all, so she IS MJ, but she isn’t MJ. Also, Ned Leeds looks like Ultimate Spider-man’s (Miles Morales’) friend, Ganke, but he gets the name of a guy who was not Peter’s friend in the comics. Then you have the case of Liz, who I will not get into, because that’s a real spoiler. Her character is probably the most changed of all.

    1. Hi there!

      Great to hear, it really is one of this season’s well put together shows. Still enjoying it at episode 4.

      Cheers for the feedback, I reckon that’s a good shout! Doing so may open the preview/review into more of a descussion, which as an aim of mine. So yeah, will be applying that advice going forward.

      Thanks again for comment.

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