Episode 524: Gabriel Desu Ga?

Who plays too much Overwatch? Joseph plays too much Overwatch. Who  is addicted to Street Fighter? Andrew is addicted to Street Fighter. Man, you’d think with all this video game talk we were VG Pulse. (Ho ho) Outside news of our adventures in gaming, we got topics like the Live Action Death Note director deleting his Twitter account, and a follow up to sneaking a peek at the “official” Asuna nipple from SAO. Bringing up the rear is a review from Joseph of the perfect High School student, and a review from Andrew of an imperfect angel.

Show Notes


Intro – “Gabriel Dropkick” by Miyu Tomita, Saori Ōnishi, Naomi Ōzora, and Kana Hanazawa from Gabriel DropOut

Outro“Nakushita Hibi ni Sayonara” by Suneohair from Sakamoto Desu Ga?


Sakamoto Desu Ga? – Netflix

Gabriel DropOut – Netflix


SAO Nipple Coverage

Death Note Death Threats

Bad School Teachers in Anime

Hire a Friend in Japan

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9 Replies to “Episode 524: Gabriel Desu Ga?”

  1. Pretty enjoyable episode today! I really think you two are developing a good dynamic. Been having to catch up on some of your latest episodes after I was off work for a while. Got assaulted by a crazed druggie with a broomstick (Sounds kinda silly, really wasn’t.) and had to take a week off to recuperate, which means no podcasts. With listening to this episode I am now officially all caught up on the Anime Pulse Cast *and* back to work once again. Booyah!


    1. Thank you very much for tuning in as always. That actually sounds pretty serious if it put you out for a week. Hope you weren’t injured or traumatised by the experience (though the broom detail does make it sound a little humerous).

      Kind regards,

      1. I didn’t suffer more than a few bruises, thankfully. It was this guy calmy threatening to stab me to death with a snapped broomstick that got to me. Anyway, ’nuff about that. xD

        Are the two of you planning to do an autumn season preview episode? It’s right around the corner and there seems to be a fair few promising shows this time. A surprising amount of pretty boy shows, from what I’ve been able to gather. Quite refreshing to have studios finally branch out from the myriad bishoujo fanservice shows we’ve been oversaturated with for the past few years.


        1. Unless I hear otherwise I assume there will be previews! Yup so many potential dark horses are there any you’re looking forward to? I agree on the refreshing point you made. I’m planning on watching 3 for sure while trying out another 12. Obviously I won’t be able preview them all so if there are any in particular you would like me to cover say the word and I’ll pencil it in. 😉


          1. Yikes, that’s a lot of shows to cover! I think I’ve got six shows myself that I’m gonna try and give a go, not counting ones that continue from the summer season like Apocrypha. Mostly darker/more somber titles like Ousama Game, Inuyashiki, Shoujou Shuumatsu Ryokou and Dies Irae. Stuff that can jab at my heart strings is great in my book. I’m most likely going to skip all of the bishounen and bishoujou shows like I usually do. Really not my cup of tea.

            If I had to pick shows that I’d like to see previewed I’d probably go for Inuyashiki and Ousama game. The former because of its really weird premise and seemingly gritty tone. The latter because it’s the rare horror anime. Don’t get a lot of those. Of course, I’m totally unfamiliar with any source material that they might be based on, so I can’t say if either has potential to be great.


  2. Yeah last season I tried about 20 so probably won’t do as many this time. I have a hard time telling what’s going to be good and I don’t wanna miss out is all 🙂 . Nice, good time of year for those kinds of shows since they will be airing around Halloween and the darker months to come. Ah I see, do you feel you grew out of them or that they were just never for you to begin with?

    Fantastic choice good sir! Already planning on watching those two so that should be easy to accomodate. Can’t speak for Ousama Game but the illustrations for Inuyashiki’s manga look incredible and as a bonus it’s being adapted by MAPPA who also make sick looking anime!


    1. I have never really been big on the bubblier/comedic stuff with a few exceptions like Konosuba and Mitsudomoe. To me, if a show is going to focus on humour it shouldn’t be afraid to go all the way and get crude about it. Safe comedy is some of the most tepid media I can think of. xD

      I actually heard of Inuyashiki before I got to see any of the source material, so it really hit me out of left field when the art was as far as possible from the silly and cartoony stuff I was expecting with that kinda premise. MAPPA’s done some damn good stuff, so hopefully they’ll deliver once again.

      Another show I’m curious about but probably won’t watch is Ancient Magus Bride. It looks quite stunning, but since I’m reading the manga I don’t want to get anything spoiled by watching the show. That said, the manga suffers from a few issues. The main character Chise feels a lot like a Mary Sue and the story is very episodic, which doesn’t work well in collected volumes but might fit an anime better. We’ll see.


      1. I completely get where you’re coming from. An early warning sign is if the poster has cute girls on it AND two of the genre tags are Comedy and Slice of Life. I tend to tread carefully when those three elements are present.

        Yup it has a lot going for it visually. Here’s hoping the ‘everything else’ matches that.

        Ah yes I haven’t made plans to watch that one but it does pique my curiosity somewhat because it had a nice poster. Like you said ‘we’ll see’.


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