Episode 525: Assassination Parasyte

You’d think with only two news articles that the show could be a tad bit less lengthy, but no, our host and co-host find ways of making even the smallest of topics into a debate. Well once they are done talking about savoring steak and getting raises, Andrew brings up how the director of the live action Fullmetal Alchemist felt it was Asian washed and Joseph has a poll on the best gory anime to see. After all is said and done, we get a review of evil space parasites and a yellow octopus who can travel at mach speed.

Show Notes


Intro – “Question” by Miyu Tomita, Saori Ōnishi, Naomi Ōzora, and Kana Hanazawa from Gabriel DropOut

Outro“It’s the Right Time” by Daichi Miura from Parasyte


Parasyte – Crackers

Assassination Classroom – Download Now


Live Action Fullmetal Alchemist Criticized by Director

Must See Gory Anime

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2 Replies to “Episode 525: Assassination Parasyte”

  1. I’ll leave it to you, the “pros” (hey, I’ll call you pros, even if it’s not correct), but if you haven’t watched it yet, I want to tell you that Black Clover is trash. No, it’s not a horrible anime. The objective values, like quality of animation, character design, etc, are OK.

    What’s bad about Black Clover is one of the protagonists. I expect many memes to be made of him, because he is the shounen protagonist cranked up to almost parody levels. Even the show points out that he’s a horrible character, but that doesn’t excuse that he’s a horrible character, and we’re supposed to be rooting for him.

  2. Wait a second! Casa means home in Spanish! What dialect of Spanish are you talking about?

    If there was any language for an English speaker to learn, Spanish would be the easiest, since a lot of the words are similar to or relate to English words. There’s also a lot of loan words shared between English and Spanish.

    I am still a kindergartener when it comes to Japanese, but it’s much easier to pick up on than Chinese.

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