Episode 570: Summer 2018 Previews #4

Another week, another episode of Anime Pulse. On this show Joseph has gone full Shokugeki on some chicken breast, and Andrew went skiing into some big burley men. Industry news sees topics like anime previews on YouTube being too risqué, and a top politician in Japan dressing up like Kirito. This is also our fourth and final week of full-on previews with Joseph talking about a gamer girl, and Andrew lining up and knocking down several anime about cute girls doing funny things.

Show Notes


Intro – “DragonBall-Z Tapion Melody” by ikiratv from Royalty Free Anime Music

Outro“Neko Mimi Mode by Dimitri from Paris from Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase


Chio-chan no Tsūgakuro

High Score Girl

Jashin-chan Dropkick

Asobi Asobase


How to Not Get Your Video Monetized

Japanese Governor Cosplays for WCS

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One Reply to “Episode 570: Summer 2018 Previews #4”

  1. Joe my bro. Radical opinion – no one should get punched.

    I’m guessing you’re referencing situations where, say, a woman punches a dude, and he punches back, and he’s automatically the bad guy, despite acting basically in self-defense. And I’ll agree, if someone throws a punch, they should expect one back. Insert scene from Batman Returns where Catwoman plays “hurt woman” card and gets in a cheap hit because it made Bats to drop his guard for a moment.

    But the way you’re expounding makes it sound like taking a punch and not complaining about it, regardless of context, is the adult, equal thing to to – but it’s kind of the bullshit stoic thing to do, for everyone.

    Anyway this is gonna spiral out into a “patriarchy hurts everyone” talk if I go on, so TL;DR – if I assume correctly that you meant that a woman who perpetrates violence shouldn’t expect immunity from retaliation because guys shouldn’t hit girls, sure, I can agree with that; but in the general, “equality of the sexes means everyone should take it on the chin without complaint,” sense, then no. Because no one should get punched.

    UNRELATED COMMENT: DAMMIT YOU FINALLY CONVINCED ME. I started reading Overlord (the manga) and I really like it. You were right! It’s really good.

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