Manga Pulse 398: chainsawbaka

We’ve managed to barricade ourselves in the lower levers. The main gate failed early on though the gamer geeks took heavy casualties to get it done. The slings of the TV and comic nerds took down our archers. We’re low on arrows and hoping for reinforcements from Animu-land. I would like to believe we can hold it to then but I can hear the drums of the theater kids. They’re singing an acapella version of an incredibly popular song from five years ago. I fear they will press us far too soon.

Tim reivews Chainsawman. Denji is a young man who’s deep in debt to the yakuza because of his father. He is friends with a chainsaw pig that he uses to make money by cutting lumber and killing devils. When he suddenly dies and becomes merged with the saw-pig, he gains the ability to pull a cord on his chest which causes chainsaws to burst from his hands and face. This costs him blood to do but makes him an incredible killing machine. It gets a Read It Now.

Weltall’s review of Nanbaka reveals it to be more inline with an episodic comic. There are four prisoners in a maximum security prison that get into shenanigans with the guard. Sometimes there is a guest star or prisoner introduced, culminating in a joke. While it may develop a plot and theme later, it’s not without a charm that gets it to Crackers.

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3 Replies to “Manga Pulse 398: chainsawbaka”

  1. Wait, did Tim and Weltall just blame Google’s stupid penchant for their so-called “algorithms’ on Apple?

    I understand you hate on Apple all the time, but that’s just … stupid. That is obsessively dumb even for you guys.

    1. How and in what way did we blame apple for google’s fuck ups? Time code or it didn’t happen

  2. I will reply to the response in Episode 402 where you respond to this as well. But as for a time code, look at 41:29 to 41:49.

    We can blame the drink, but Tim went off on some silly hyperbole in response to your Algorithm rant, with him bringing Apple into the picture for some oddball reason. It was supposed to be funny, one might guess, but way out in left field, you have to admit. You guys were getting pretty smashed.

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