Manga Pulse 412: Erasing MacBeth

A pair of requests have made it to our inbox this week for manga.

Tim has Erased. In it, Satorou is a pizza delivery boy who can see moments that repeat. These are like glitches in the matrix where he finds himself back a few minutes or seconds prior to something bad happening. This allows him time to search out the bad thing and prevent things from going south. When his mother gets stabbed by a serial killer he attempts to force the moment, catapulting himself into the eighties. Tim gives it a Read It now.

Weltall then has Macbeth. Like the copy of The Scarlet Letter Tim did before, it’s just a straight adaptation of the story. Very few flourishes of manga style which would dress things up. Still, the bard’s work shines through enough to give the manga a Borders.

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