Manga pulse 425: Miss Me Outside

For today’s forecast it looks like we have a heavy pair of reviews inbound. Recommendations aplenty, so keep your battery charged and prepare to read along this week.

What happens when magical girls become known celebrities in their own right? What if they grow up a little and become abusive. Miss Guillotine explores this when they kill a class mate. Suddenly a mysterious magical girl appears and starts killing of their comrades. Think The Boys meets Sailor Moon. It gets a Read It Now.

What if a Mangaka saw 13 Reasons and made a manga based loosely on the Netflix synopsis? You’d probably get Tomogui(Razen). Some classmates decide to stage a fake suicide because they hate their homeroom teacher. Unfortunately, something happens and the fake suicide becomes a homicide. Shenanigans ensue as the mystery murderer is now on the loose. It lands on Crackers.

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