Popcorn Pulse 130: Treasure Master

It’s an animation spamination here on the world of Popcorn and Pulses.

We kick off with the financial bomb that’s rumored to have put the nail in coffin in the traditional animation at the house of mouse. That’s right, Treasure Planet[2002]. It’s something of a re-telling of Treasure Island but in space and it features a space boatload of talent. Basically there’s a place where the pirate king buried all his treasure and they’re off to find it. There’s also music scored by the lead of the Goo Goo Dolls in case future archeologists needed to date this without the use of carbon.

Further into the nineties we dug up The Pagemaster(1995). Macaulay Culkin had something of a run in the nineties. Being even animated as a child who is terrified of everything in Pagemaster. His dad sends him o the hardware store riding a bike that’s supposed to be stupid but is awesome. A rainstorm drives him into a library where Christopher Lloyd sends him to the back. This makes him animated so he can go on an adventure with talking books.

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