Episode 681: Shimonesia

This week on Anime Pulse we got forgetful anime, Demon Slayer being loved more than mom or dad, and Pocky. Up first Joesph heavily regrets his drinking decision from last week, and Andrew thinks we should all put our anime time to better use. Then in the Industry News the topics are brining charges against the bad guy who set fire to Kyoto Animation, and AT&T begins the selling process for Crunchyroll. And lastly in reviews Joseph is forced to participate in a war for perverts, and Andrew forgets everything so a bunch of pretty boys can help him remember.

Show Notes


Intro – “Japanese Style Trap Beat” by Annex from Royalty Free Anime Music

Outro“Neko Mimi Mode by Dimitri from Paris from Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase


Shimoneta – Crackers

Amnesia – Burn It


Move Over Parents, Tanjirō is Better

Charges Against KyoAni Arsonist

Crunchyroll Price Tag Announced

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4 Replies to “Episode 681: Shimonesia”

  1. Andy, why’s your internet so crappy? Do you just live in a terribly serviced area? There are still some areas in the US that have the same (or worse issue), where always-online game would be a nightmare for them.

  2. I would like to explain myself, lest anyone who may be listening think that I’m some king of self-hating black man. In the case of Brawler from Akudama, he could very well be black. As Andy pointed out, Akudama is an anime where people are being sewn back together and have laser tonfa.

    I’ll give you a bit of my history. I thought Jet Black was a black guy, because his English VA was black and, well, his last name is Black. His actual background? Well, we really don’t know. Casca from Berserk has a different skin tone than the rest of the characters in the series. I think she’s black, or whatever the fantasy world’s equivalent would be. I could go on and on with examples like Yoruichi (Bleach), Alex and Emilio (Gangsta.) and Sowande (Keep your hands off Eizouken).

    What I was trying to say (in a way less drawn out way) is that the history of characters who don’t look like the basic, fair skinned anime character is complicated. A character could be African, like Simon from Durarara!! or maybe they’re just a tanned/dark skinned and Asian, which is also totally possible. For some of us non-white, non-asian viewers, it doesn’t matter much what Brawler’s background is. Sometimes, a character who you can cosplay as without gatekeepers giving you shit is great, in and of itself.

    I hope I’ve cleared things up AND avoided putting any who read/hear this to sleep.

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