Manga Pulse 431: Cube Monkey

Like a certain fictional federal agent, we like some damn fine coffee. Pour yourself a lungo draw of espresso and sit back while we regale you with two whole manga for the price of one show.

Tim has Dice: The Cube That Changes Everything. It’s about a dice which is a cube and it changes things. Our protagonist is a loser and he’s got a crush on a girl but won’t flirt with her because he’s a loser as aforementioned. One day a handsome transfer student appears and drops a little glowing dice. Protagonist picks it up and gets greeted via text by a GM who tells him how to use it. It gets a Read It Now for going in a direction which was highly unexpected.

Weltall has Monkey Peak. Don’t you just hate when we don’t get along? So do the management of a Japanese firm who takes the employees out on a team building exercise. Namely a mountain climbing experience. When the manager dies they decide to head back down as a storm rolls in. Only for an unseen killer to begin picking them off one by one. It lands on Crackers.

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2 Replies to “Manga Pulse 431: Cube Monkey”

  1. Weltall, why did you compliment listeners nipples at the end of the episode? That was a little on the creepy side. I get that it was to end the episode on a light note, but still a little creepy.

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