Popcorn Pulse 136: Eviction

There’s a certain chill in the air. Pumpkin spice is back on the menu, long sleeve hoodies, and the turning of the leaves. That can mean but one thing. Nolan has another movie out.

Today we have Tenet[2020]. Weltall describes it as the Nolaniest Nolan film that has yet to Nolan. It’s about time travel, sort of. Protagonist gets involved when a terror attack occurs at a theater performance by time reversed moving soldiers. Normally us saying “protagonist” would be there because Tim forgot the character name and not a cheeky mark by a director. Nolan though wanted to see if he could outdo the use of “unobtainium”.

Tim has Jim Henson’s the Storyteller(1989). I nice mini series where folklore tales are retold using the legendary skills of the Jim Henson team. A number of them are lesser known or a variant of better known fairy tales.

Weltall has something that Tim should really remember to write down instead of focusing on his drink. He’s lucky this isn’t a paid position because he’d be washing the parking lot with a hand brush and be docked pay. Here’s hoping Weltall can scramble to figure out what this is and add it as an addendum.

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