Manga Pulse 433: Desperate Dictator

We’re here at Twin Peaks manga cafe. As always we bring you two, salty manga reviews. We might also coat it in ketchup with frowny face.

Tim has Renjou Desperado. What happens when you mash the future western setting of Trigun and add in the a wandering ronin? You get a cyborg samurai woman wandering a post apocalyptic Japan-America. She’s not out for revenge or anything as silly as that. She’s looking for a husband and keeps finding useless, traitorous, bigamists who aren’t worth the wipe of her blade. It gets a Crackers.

Weltall has If I was a Dictator. The cover makes this seem like things happen and it should be memorable. But this was bad. It was attempting to carve out a new niche right next to Princess AI and failed by being forgettable. Not only were we unable to find a good synopsis to refresh our memory but finding it again was nearly impossible. We recall it gets a Burn It and we’re sure Weltall has a bit to say about it in his review.

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