Manga Pulse 438: Kiss My Pole

Oh no, it’s a wave of boredom which threatens to destroy the city! There is only one team we can call. One pair of heroic, handsome, hunks of masculinity who outshine the rest. We’ve raised the manga signal for them. Now it is in their hands.

Tim has Kiss X Sis. What happens when a father gets remarried and both parents have kids? Usually they live together and adjust to their new life. This is a manga though so Keita wants to lay the pipe in twin sister-burg. Having horny thoughts about totally not blood related sisters makes him want to leave for school in distant lands but they tempt him to stay. It gets a Borders.

Weltall has Silver Pole Flowers, better known as two girls, one pole. Hana is the daughter of a pole dancer. Like her mother and her mother before, they participated in the athletic sport of pole dancing. Hana’s other family found it to be lewd for no apparent reason. But she wants to be a pole slut who gets yen, folded into little planes, and tossed into her cleavage. It’s boring and lands in Burn It territory.

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