Manga Pulse 456: Finger the World

I bet you can feel a little something in the air. No, no the slight chill that’s not driven away by the light of day. Nor the soft sigh of wind as it carries leaves right into your yard not moments after you raked the last damn pile. It’s the time of the week where we review manga instead of movies. It does happen though.

Tim starts off with Finger Girls. It’s a manhua that is not about a random groper who offers surprise gynecological exams on the subway. Our guy is average and has a crush who wants to meet him on the roof in the morning. Unfortunately his life has been disrupted by a spirit girl possessing his left index finger. She can be licked to be summoned for about ten minutes to fight definietly not Hollows. It gets a Borders.

Weltall then has Zombie World, another manhua. It’s about a zombie virus outbreak in an unspecified part of the Hundred Akre Oppresion. Our protagonist notices that things might be going a bit sideways when officials start installing bars over their apartments under the guise of burglary deterrent while there’s talk of some unknown virus infecting people. It also gets a Borders.

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