Popcorn Pulse 161: Under Siege

Breakout your cheesecloth. Chill your rolling pins. Break out your stock and get the wooden spoon out of the bathroom. We’ve got a cook’s tale with Under Siege(1992). Plus we have Gary Busey wearing a dress and screaming at people.

Steven Segal is a ships cook aboard the USS Missouri. It’s on its final trip before being decommissioned. For some reason, it still has functional Tomahawk missiles aboard. Tommy Lee Jones plays some vague terrorist who’s conspiring with Busey to takeover the ship, kill the resistance, and sell the nukes for fun and profit. Unfortunately for them, Segal is some sort of special forces who’s working as a cook because. This allows him to glower and lash out at mooks until he makes something explode and stop the dastardly plan.

Weltall has Patriot’s Day[2016]. When Hollywood wants to pretend they’re serious they take true stories and give themselves award for it. In 2016, the oscar bait was the Boston Marathon Bombing. Only three years later and someone said, “hey, let’s put Marky Mark as a detective.” It follows the events mostly though it takes wild liberties with the wife of one of the bombers.

Tim has Clear and Present Danger(1994). It’s a Jack Ryan based movie from when Tom Clancy was alive and cashing royalty checks big enough to buy military secrets. This tim old Jack is played by Harrison Ford who works in the government. A wildly successful cocaine dealer Ernesto Escobedo, not based on anyone comtemporary we’re sure, is working with someone else in the government. Come for the ninties social commentary. Stay for the thrilling computer hacking scene which rivals Hackers.

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