Manga Pulse 464: Dissolving Witch

Well the request start coming and they don’t stop coming. And they don’t stop coming. And they don’t stop coming. And they don’t stop…brrrrrttt. Sorry. The vinyl was stuck again. That’s what happens when you buy your record player off of alibaba. I guess it’s back to eBay and estate sales because I’m not buying a nearly two thousand dollar Technics turntable. I don’t care what the tweed wearing audiophile who has been saving up for a trip to Singapore says.

Tim has Burn the Witch. It’s Tite Kubo taking a swing at something that’s not Bleach. There are Witches, I guess, and they kill dragons. See dragons are everywhere in reverse London and they used to kill everyone. So now witches, who do very little magic or anything witch-like, go around killing them. Our protagonist’s friend gets infected with contact a dragon for reasons that shouldn’t be questioned. It gets a Borders.

Weltall has a another visit into the world of Junji Ito with Dissolving Classroom. It starts off with a guy who makes people melt by apologizing profusely. Then his sister sucks up their drippings. There’s some time skips and we learn a little about the backstory of why and how some kid can apologize until people turn into damp pudding. Spoiler, it’s the devil. It gets a Borders.

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