Popcorn Pulse 169: Untouchable State

Twice as nice for have the price. That’s our movie review deal and you’re getting whether you like it or not. We’re taking a trip back to the days where people went over to stores to rent movies for a couple of days. This is because movies hated us just as much but they still needed our money. And they couldn’t just hook up the milking machine like they do now. That’s right, the nineties which people swear is the worst decade but only because they preferred the eighties.

We dual review the Costner vehicle, Untouchables(1987). It’s about the kooky time when America decided that having fun should be illegal. So they decided to make sure the mafia got all the money and ensure Al Pacino could play Capone in the future. It’s a pretty star studded cast with Sean Connery playing an Irishman who doesn’t even attempt an accent that isn’t his own.

Weltall has Red State[2012]. The Kevin Smith movie that was made back when it was cool to rock the vote and tell the world no blood for oil. Obama had yet to be thanked for anything and any religious group in media is just the Westboro Baptists. Which is what this does, having who are basically the cultists from Far Cry 5 believe the end times are here and it’s time to pull out the firearms.

Tim may or may not talk about a review. We spent a long time on emails. A long time talking about Untouchables. We touch plenty on all sorts of other things. With us eventually even talking about Saw for no apparent reason other than we could. You might hear, buried for about two minutes, is Tim mention Who’s Harry Crumb and that it’s a lesser known John Candy film. And then it’s back to bad mouthing Chicago.

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