Popcorn Pulse 179: Unbearable Cage

Well, the patron saint of our show finally did a movie that was meta. So naturally we had to do it. Nicolas Cage in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent[2022]. Cage plays Cage, an actor who was better respected once and needs work. Which leads him to taking a gig doing a birthday engagement for a wealthy man who is a cartel leader.

Pedro Pascal plays the head of the cartel who also happens to be a massive fan of Cage. The CIA recruits cage to help them find the kidnapped daughter of a Spanish Presidential candidate who was taken by the cartel. So Cage sticks around by offering to make a movie with Pascal. Some fun reveals and that Cage is playing a fictional version of himself keep the tone right where it needs to be.

Tim has The ‘Burbs(1989). A movie Tom Hanks did with Joe Dante right as a writers strike started. It’s about Hanks and his quiet cul-de-sac neighbors. He knows everyone on the block except for the odd folks who moved in six months ago. A family that no one has ever seen and doesn’t know the name of. Hijinks ensue when the paranoid neighbor, Art, convinces Hanks that the new folks may be murderers or cultists or whatever he saw recently on 60 Minutes.

Weltall has Barry. It stars Bill Hader as a hit man who’s killed a lot of people and wants to get out. He believes he’s found an alternate career when he’s sent to kill an actor. So now he wants to be an actor but his handler still wants him for the convenient disposal of problem people. There are some good moments but not enough that Weltall buys into the show’s hype.

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