Manga Pulse 475: Elder Hell

Coming to you straight from the home of the Keebler elves. No, not wherever some factory that Nabisco claims to own. We’re doing this now from a tree in the middle of the woods. Around us lay the corpses of those that dared so stand in the way of our hunger for grasshopper cookies. The rest are hiding out in the back, cranking on the cookie machine. Which means we’re here and, like the only proper oreo, double stuffed with reviews.

Tim has a new entry in manwha with Hell 58. In the future of Terra, there’s crime. The best way to deal with evil criminals is to consign them to a death island. So our protagonist is convicted of some crime and ends up in the latest batch dropped off. Fresh meat means the three island factions are coming to pick them over for recruits. It gets a Read It Now.

Weltall has The Elder Sister-Like One. Yuu is sad. So sad he can’t even be a panda about it. He has standard issue manga parents, dead. He meets a powerful demon girl. She offers him one wish and he takes it to become the protagonist in a mecha series. Or maybe he wishes for her to become his big sister. It gets a Borders.

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