Popcorn Pulse 186: Cyan Electron

The DC movie universe is still a thing. It’s easy to forget that they also make movies. Considering the seventeen hour miniseries they re-re-re-master from a long movie. They recently released something that’s related to another of their movies which was good. So we’ve got Black Adam[2022].

We kick off with ten minutes of backstory about Fake-landia. Where a king has enslaved his people and makes them dig for evil-tanium. So he can make a crown of demon powers. The council of wizards ends up giving power to a hero and then the Rock beats the king into the afterlife. Fast forward to modern day where the Rock wakes up and pretends to not want to be a hero for a few minutes.

Weltall has Chain of Command[2015]. Webster is a military guy who comes home and discovers that his brother is dead. So he starts investigating and discovers a conspiracy that goes straight to the top. The president herself has covered up that modern mailboxes are made of explosive material and detonate at the command of the postmaster general. Ever asked why the folks beating up your packages have a general? Yeah, think about that for a second.

Tim talks a bit about Gremlins 2(1990). The sequel to the well received Gremlins with the infinitely merchandise-able Gizmo. It features more gremlins inside a building that also get access to random genetic syringes which livens up the variety. Tim figured this would suffice as we were planning a wrestling themed show because Hulk Hogan has a momentary cameo.

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