Manga Pulse 483: Oriental Kitties are Racist

What what, ol chap? You were mumbling something about a man-ga? A pod-cast? I swear the meals they serve in the diner car have always turned. How else can you explain these strange dreams of a world where man can travel the globe in the span of mere days? And all the while communicating freely with anyone else within seconds. Bad kipper is my reckoning. I’m going back to my bunk and we should arrive within the Orient on the morrow.

Speaking of, Tim has Orient. In a world where Oni are worshipped as gods, samurai are outlawed. Also, samurai is used as an insult and kids growing up make the kids they hate play as samurai. That didn’t stop Musashi from growing up practicing swords with Kojiro. He still goes to miner school because the Oni eat fancy minerals. It gets a Borders.

Weltall has got Nyankees. We follow a bunch of street toughs getting into fights. Our main dude battles random gang members for reasons and also tries to hump some random girl. This turns out to be acceptable because these people are actually cats. The joke wears pretty thin during the first volume. Pushing Weltall’s limits of manga BS, it gets a Burn It.

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