Popcorn Pulse 188: Blood Cats

There’s still a whole lot of bargain bin DVDs sitting around for us to tackle. Only two movies were duplicated and we all ready did Poker Night. So we finally got down to Blood Money[2012].

It features Mr Worldwide himself, Pitbull. For about three minutes. Two of those are part of one of his songs though! The rest is an incomprehensible plot where an assassin with magic Oakleys kills people. So his boss can run cocaine into China. Then the guy turns on his boss because a girl has sex with him in a shower before he applies soap. It’s about as sexy as an instructional film on road accidents but without all that pesky realistic gore.

Weltall has Tron: Legacy[2010]. Yup, we remember the uncanny valley Jeff Bridges. Also all those games from the first one now rendered in CG instead of animation. There’s some good things about the movie though. Like Daft Punk doing the soundtrack and Michael Sheen doing ham like it’s Easter Sunday.

Tim has Cats[2019]. There is of course a rifftrax for it because why else would Tim watch it. It also wasn’t the butthole cut or the one with Judy Dench’s hand left as human in multiple parts because they rushed it. We will agree with Tim that if this was someone’s first exposure to musicals, it would put them right off. They’d be no poorer for just sticking to the big tent films and avoiding anything that looks like Cats.

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