Popcorn Pulse 195: Scent of Cocaine

Hey there everyone, have you ever just felt so good? Like really so good? Like that the sun could go nova and wipe all life off the face of the earth and leave only the smolderiest of craters where only politicians and cans of RC cola survive and you just feel great anyway? It may or may not be because we found an errant package of cocaine recovered from a southern state after making a pilgrimage to visit the inspiration of our movie.

Yes, we have Cocaine Bear[2023]. It’s a movie based loosely on the internet tidbit that gets passed around. Someone saw a 9gag image of it and decided to make a movie about the bear that ate a bunch of cocaine in the eighties and died. There’s a bear and it’s on cocaine and it attacks a lot of people. Ray Liotta shows up with his eighties drip because he’s trying to recover the drugs for the cartel he works with. There’s a lot going on with no real focus on a set of characters which leaves things a bit shaky. With the wheels falling off within the third act.

We then have a joint review of Scent of a Woman(1992). You know this movie even if only by reference. If you’ve ever heard someone mock Al Pacino by going “hooowaahh!” then you’re aware of this in the periphery. Unlike Pacino’s character who is a blind veteran. His family puts out an ad for care taking during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Chris O’Donnell ends up taking the ad and follows Pacino to New York city.

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