Manga Pulse 491: Mango Climax

Welcome to another episode of Mango Pulse where we consume and rate the world’s favorite fruit. We recently tackled the controversy of Kent mangoes and the low score received by Randy’s Fruit Stand. We stick by our opinion that they’re a little biased because they get ready access to the host’s orchard of Tommy Atkins, a notoriously finicky but rewarding variety. Stepping aside from controversy, today we’ll be diving into the Kesar variety. Excuse me? What do you mean “Manga” not “Mango?” What the hell kind of fruit is a Manga? Well, never mind then.

Tim has Climax Exorcism With A Single Touch! It takes place in an alternate Japan where people go to school to learn how to be ghost cops. Haruhisa is about to graduate, has a low power rating, and is embarrassed by his ability. He can spot where to make someone orgasm and make them climax with but a single touch. He gets collected by a girl who’s cursed to have succubus eyes and can see what people fetishize as part of her team. It gets a Crackers.

Weltall then revisits one of his very first top rated manwha, Unbalance X Unbalance. Because no more than the second volume made it into print in English, this required some creative hunting to get into it. The plot is a bit bonkers as he covers in the review. With a tonal shift to almost a combat focused story then back to a romance. The characters are never flat or fail to entertain so it keeps its Read It Now.

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