Manga Pulse 496: Teased and Rejected

Twice now, you have come into our house and made requests. Neither of those times have you come bearing gifts. Not even something as small as a bag of chips. Do we not rate at least a pouch of Corn Nuts? Even the plain would be less of an affront. Though we would still prefer the Chili Picante. Oh, now we need to go take a look and see if they’ve brought back the pizza flavor. Anywho, I guess we have two reviews for you.

Tim has Higehiro or After Being Rejected I Shaved and Took in a High School Runaway. Yoshida is a salary man who does business things. After being rejected, by his amply be-titted boss (they’re I cups), he gets drunk. And then sees a high school girl sitting out in the cold. She offers to sleep with him in exchange for a place to stay. He refuses to let her prostitute herself and takes her in. It gets a Read It Now.

Weltall has Teasing Master Takagi-San. Takagi is a bit of a loser. His friend, Nishikata, like to tease him because she’s a girl and girls make him embarrassed. He tries to get revenge on her for teasing him but these attempts often fail. This results in more embarrassment. It gets a Burn It

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