Popcorn Pulse 201: The Sun

Open the curtains, you basement dwelling cretins. You to, you normal people who get plenty of exposure to natural light. Not you, people who make AI morphs of random Twitch streamer girls to suit your fetish. You can stay there and maybe check the batteries in your carbon monoxide alarm. Because there’s a chance you’re suffering from poisoning. For everyone else, take in plenty of Sunshine[2007].

It’s a science fiction movie staring Cillian Murphy and a whole lot of other names you know. It’s the future and the sun is cooling off. So there’s a second mission to the sun to drop a bomb into it to get it going again. It turns out the first mission just sort of failed an no one’s sure what happened to it. So this is the last chance to get this right. And they shouldn’t be distracted by a distress signal from the first ship because Earth depends on it. You can guess what happens though.

Weltall then has Limitless[2011]. It’s a movie about a writer who sucks and can’t stick to anything. His life is a shambles until he gets ahold of drugs. He learns the secret to being good is having a steady supply of illegal drugs. Though they might be burning his brain out and some people want to stop him from revealing the secret of the drugs.

Tim has The Machinist[2004]. If you’ve forgotten it, this was the movie Christian Bale lost an insane amount of weight for. He plays the titular machinist who hasn’t slept in a year. Also he ends up inadvertently causing an accident that cost Michael Ironside an arm. Which might be contributing to his life going downhill even faster than it already was.

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