Manga Pulse 512: Red Secretary

If you’re reading this then you’re probably hearing about all the issues on website posts. Which is ironic because the only way this shows up is that the issues are resolved. One of those kind of funny paradoxes where you get to hear about it for the next couple of episodes now that it’s all done. It’s kind of like getting the results back from a cancer screening after you’ve already had surgery to remove a growth. If it helps, we’ve been keeping up with the recordings at least so we have manga.

Tim has Since the Red Moon Appeared. The title is a bit explanatory. Some red moon events occurred and a bunch of people died. Some of those that lived became infected sort of spiritually or psychically. Lu Xin is one of those that’s been touched by the red moon and hallucinates seeing a family. A secret government agency takes him in as an operative to hunt down other monsters who were people like him once. It gets a Borders.

Weltall has Satan’s Secretary. Which sounds like the setup for a titillating soft core or even a hentai game. It’s more about an actual competent secretary that gets kidnapped by the forces of hell. She sees all sorts of problems with the management structure and immediately begins forcing everyone into a more corporate setup. This is resisted by the demons because they’re more about having fun while losing to the good guys. It also lands in the territory of Borders.

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