Popcorn Pulse 220: No Hawk

It’s Monday, folks. At least when we’re recording. It also is often when we post because that’s our schedule. But even if it’s one of the other six days of the week, treat it like it’s Monday. By that we mean groan, clock in not more than a second before you’re obligated, and glare at the first people you interact with. Then brace yourself for discussion of movies.

We start us off with Hudson Hawk(1991). Depending on how long you’ve been familiar with the man, you might better recognize him as Mister Action star with the patented glower of someone who has less than a minute to get to the toilet. This is Bruce, just as known for Diehard as he was Moonlighting, Willis. The man who loves music and plays his own harmonica at Blues sessions. There’s a plot but we’ll get into that in a recording.

Weltall is on a Spader kick and has Secretary[2002]. A movie that’s more than a little infamous for being something of Fifty Shades before there was bad Twilight fan fiction. Spader plays an asshole lawyer who’s something of a perfectionist who keeps driving secretaries away. Maggie Gyllenhall is a crazy lady who has mental problems and is incredibly pliant. This is an excuse to get them together so they can explore a dom/sub relationship.

Tim has No Escape(1994). It’s a movie about a futuristic prison set in our old future of 2022. The warden is the guy who plays an ersatz Roger Ebert in Godzilla(1998). He doesn’t like Ray Liotta and exiles him to an island that’s also a prison without stuff on it. That way the budget can stay minimal. It’s one of those movies that feels like Tim has already done because it’s not a unique plot. At least Lance Henricksen got a paycheck out of this whole thing.

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