Manga Pulse 514: Blade of Mother

Price check on manga. I need a price check on manga. Yes, I am aware this is a supermarket price check gag and that it was old even back in the eighties. Which means it’s beyond not relevant to make one now. Maybe we could do a random department page over the intercom. Grocery stores still do that. They also do those funny announcements about security like that deters shoplifters.

Tim has Blade of Retribution. It’s about a Korea, Shiho, who’s a Kendo master. His sister heads off to college in Seoul. Then she dies and he decides to investigate because she wrote the infinity symbol in her journal. This was a code to him that she was in danger. Might have helped if she’d sent him the signal before she was deep in debt to the mob but better late than never. So begins his journey of revenge which is worth a Crackers.

Weltall has Mother Parasite. Ryouta’s a middle schooler and he seems to have a good mother. Kaoru is in his class and does not seem to have a good mother. In fact, he blames her for getting bullied. This is a psychological horror about finding the perfect mother. At least that’s what all the on line synopsis’ have for it. Which must mean our review is much more in depth. It earned a Borders.

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