Manga Pulse 515: Black-Chan

Looks like the boys are back in town. By that, we mean the two hosts you’ve come to know an love so, so much. And by town we mean the manga that evident by the title and number attached. So won’t it be a surprise to everyone when we actually spend the whole time reviewing a pair of riding lawn mowers.

Of course we can’t afford any of that. So we start with Tim and Black Night Parade. It’s Christmas in Japan. Our sad sack of a protagonist works at a convenience store and plans on stealing an expired Christmas cake. This gets him in trouble and fired. He stops by a food cart and meets Black Santa. Not, African-American Santa but a Santa who is dressed in all black and delivers coal and such to the bad kids. He recruits mister Sack to join the bad elves and work off his debt. It gets a Borders.

Weltall has Gahi-Chan. There’s an amateur mangaka who’s a bit of a failure. They’re very sad and thinking about giving up. Until a ginormous breasted yokai shows up and says she’s his biggest fan. Turns out she’s normally something of a blob monster but she can transform by eating his art. This is also what she needs to survive is his art. Also his landlord is a yokai that feeds on his art and it’s very clear this is done by someone that normally draws hentai. It gets a Burn It.

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