Episode 490: Fall 2016 Previews

Fall’s here everyone, and with it comes a new season of anime. Sadly this season is somewhat lacking, so this will be the only previews show for the fall 2016 season. First up however is IRL news about new microphones, anime conventions, and bad movies. That’s followed up by industry news about Goku’s big secret, an expensive Pokemon card, and foreigners being called a hassle on bullet trains. And lastly are the previews, of which there are six, so buckle in, you’re in for a long one.

Show Notes


Intro – “Answer” by Bump of Chicken from 3gatsu no Lion

Outro – “You Only Live Once” by Wataru Hatano from Yuri!!! on Ice


Yuri!!! on Ice

Kiitarou Shounen no Youkai Enikki

Magic-Kyun! Renaissance

3gatsu no Lion


Okusama ga Seitokaichou! S2


No Kiss Goku

Corpse Party on 3DS

Foreigner Train Inconvenience

Gold Pikachu Card

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3 Replies to “Episode 490: Fall 2016 Previews”

  1. So far I’m really enjoying Sangatsu no Lion. I haven’t started Yuri!!! on Ice yet but I agree with Ryo on it looking gayer than gay.

  2. Great episode, was red using the new mic in this one or not, I could not tell. I have been waiting for you guys to start reviewing this season. Nothing seemed promising or worth watching so it’s great to hear your reviews!

  3. OH SHIT, NIGGA, the website has been worked on!

    I digress. Red’s mic sounds nice…but now Ryo’s mic sounds like junk in comparison! Hey, Ryo, you have $140?

    I like Red’s movie moment (or whatever you would call that segment). I guess something good came out of him losing his job- more time for movies!

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