Manga Pulse 360: Ten Mirrors

We’re back onto the comics this episode and we have managed to find some rather interesting ones. They’re both centered around alternate worlds and have some wonderfully nitpicky things to laugh at.

Tim starts us off with Jaryuu Tensei. The main character is from modern day Japan and, much like the spider manga from 357, he died and was reborn into fantasy world Tolkein-A27Q. And he’s a dragon who’s incredibly powerful. He gives himself a name late in the manga, just before buying a slave to fix her up and resell her. Yes, it runs on banana pants logic. In spite of all this it somehow gets a Borders.

Weltall reviews Mirror which may be both a webcomic and an OEL. There’s a “Mirror World” which magic is flourishing after being separated from our world. As always, it’s not just separated but held apart by a barrier which is starting to fail. Our main characters end up in the magic world and fight for reasons that are kind of baffling. If nothing else, the Batman-esque style written sound effects are hilsious. Still not enough to get it above a Burn It.

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