Popcorn Pulse 75: Donut Assassins

I’ll tell you why I wasn’t at elf practice. Because I dream of larger things. Even larger than the red coated fat man himself. I dream of a world where children will make their own toys and pay us for the privilege. Where curled shoes and pointy ears will be signs of repect amd not ridicule. In order to make that happen I had to skip out on elf practice, Spanky.

For their dual review, Tim and Weltall pick 13 Assassins[2011]. They found out that it happens to be a remake of another Japanese classic. The story centers around the evil brother of the Shogun who is gaining political power. To prevent this dangerous man from ascending to power, thirteen men will attempt to manipulate and maneuver him into a trap. It’s a well done political and tactical thriller that culminates in an amazing action set piece we were highly entertained by.

Weltall then talks about the youtube channel of Donut Operator. Weltall is glad to report there are plenty of discussions to be had on police matters. Also the taser videos. If nothing else, Weltall will forever be amused by people who realize the coercive power of electricity only after arguing with a police officer.

Tim then talks about Triangle[2009]. At the base level this is a time travel movie with a dash of Groundhog Day. The protagonist ends up repeating a single day with each repetition building on the last having her later actions affect her earlier selves. The treat to watch it the weaving of these multiple threads into a single story.

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