Manga Pulse 411: Youkai Sins

Manga brought to you hot and fresh with a side of hash browns. While you can buy our original recipe that made us famous, don’t forget to try our extra crispy podcast which truly launched us.

Tim has Nanatsu no Taizai or the Seven Deadly Sins. We start off in a tavern in the fictional Britannia. While looking around for a Lord British, an armored figure stumbles in wearing rusty armor and falls over. It turns out to be the princess in exile looking for the group of people who went by the name of the title. Turns out the bartender is one of hem and agrees to gather the rest with her. Skipping plot for over the top fight scenes and ridiculous demonstrations of strength, it gets a Read It Now.

Weltall then visits Youkai Shoujo. Nishizuru is a twenty year old loser who hangs out in a maid cafe. At least he can see ghosts. And he almost makes friends with the pretty girl working the cafe. Until we discover that she’s a monster girl and the whole cafe ends up being a front populate by a bunch of demons. It earns a Crackers from Weltall.

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